Work Journal

Tue Apr 12

def hello():
return "hello"

Fri Mar 25

  • Weirdly frustrated that people are shilling tech as a solution to getting more income. They really seem to make it feel like a ponzi scheme to me. I guess it annoys me that people push tech to solve income insecurities, when making it in tech is draining and is far more than just learning how to code.

Thu Mar 24

  • Turns out that a glider reweighted network does do quite well (compared to RWR)!
  • Naively reweighting a network based on tissue type seems to degrade performance on neurological diseases.
  • Current experiments are to add additional local nodes around the seed genes to see how performance changes.
  • Not having people in the office is phenomenal for productivity.
  • I wonder how a supervised algorithm would work / do we even have enough data to train a supervised algorithm?
  • This also seems like a classic metric learning problem 🤷‍♂️

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